Coffee Latte with Lionsmane and Chaga (Bulk Wholesale)

Coffee Latte with Lionsmane and Chaga (Bulk Wholesale)

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Boost your concentration throughout the day with our Focus Dust.

Formulated with Lionsmane and Chaga that help keep the caffeine under control to support clean and focused energy.


  • Organic coconut milk powder - sourced from the 'tree of life' this adds the smooth creamy indulgence factor. 
  • Organically farmed freeze-dried coffee. 
  • Organic Lionsmane mushroom powder - this mushroom is your brain's best friend when you need to concentrate.  It is an extracted powder with no fillers.
  • Organic Chaga mushroom powder - a powerful anti-oxidant and detoxifier. This too is an  extracted powder with no fillers.
  • Organic coconut blossom sugar. 
  • Cinnamon powder 


This smooth and creamy coffee flavoured latte drink that just needs hot water added to 2 or 3 tsp of powder for your convenience. However, optional additional extras would include full cream milk, butter or coconut oil for sheer indulgence.

*Each serving contains 40mg of each mushroom powder.