The benefits of Chaga mushrooms?

Chaga mushrooms is a Conk like fungus that grows primarily on birch trees in colder climates. It has been an important part of Nordic folk medicine for centuries. Finns even used it as a coffee substitute as far back as WWII when beans weren’t available. 

1. What Are Chaga Mushrooms Used For?
They have THE highest antioxidant content of any other food (an ORAC value of 146,700) which is 31 times higher than blueberries! They are also Adaptogenic meaning they balance and support the:
  • Nervous system
  • Immune system
  • GI tract
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Endocrine system
It also means they help us cope with stress, stay healthy during the cold and flu season, fight cancer, and lift us out of the dark depths of depression from adrenal burnout. They are rich in fiber and essential nutrients, including vitamin D, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and calcium. Specific to Chaga - their high Melanin content has led some to believe that it can bolster melanin naturally found in the skin, thereby protecting it from sun damage, skin cancer, wrinkles, or aging.
2. How does it Grow?
Chaga is not primarily a mushroom (it does not form a fruiting body) but is a fungus nonetheless. The inner cork-like tissue is orange in colour whilst its outward appearance is similar to burnt charcoal.  It is a hard woody mycelial mass found primarily in Scandinavia, Russia, Siberia, Canada, or the United States. 
3. What Does Chaga Mushroom Taste Like?
The unwritten rule with food is, the higher the antioxidant content, the more bitter it will taste. And that holds true for chaga. They have a bitter, earthy taste but are still smooth. It really does taste like coffee only without the caffeine. I’ve heard people say it tastes like a campfire or medium roast coffee. And chaga as a tea? Well, ‘Chaga Tea’ really tastes like coffee so sticking to recipes that would use coffee, such as latte or smoothies, really is the way to go. You can also try it in miso soup or even ice cream! Chaga also makes a refreshing lemonade as well as a virgin mojito.
4. Are Chaga Mushrooms Legal?
Chaga mushrooms are safe and legal to consume. They have been used for over 5,000 years as a super food and are not a psychedelic mushroom. 
5. What dosage should I take?
Consider it your daily bodyguard. In powdered form add it to your coffee, tea or smoothie to support your immune system and reduce inflammation. Recommended daily doses can vary from person to person with no optimal dosage yet been established. Always remember if you have specific questions about a health condition be sure to talk to your healthcare practitioner (dietitian, doctor, naturopath, or herbalist) for medical advice.
Final Thoughts
  • Get the benefits of chaga mushroom extract In many ways: chaga tea, supplements, skin and body creams or even tinctures.
  • One of the most antioxidant-rich foods on the planet.
  • It is both hot water-extracted and alcohol-extracted so you get the most benefits per serving.
  • Chaga mushrooms may look like burnt charcoal on the outside, but on the inside, that’s where the real magic is
  • There is potential for future research to determine additional benefits of Chaga for its antioxidant potential and it's naturally occurring chemical components that may reduce or even activate pigment production.

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